Hour 09:30-12:30
Included Transfer, Entry Fee
Extra Drinks


Kalkan is surrounded by history. Some historical sites are very near by like Xanthos, Patara, Letoon, Sydima, Pınara. If you are in Kalkan and curious about Lycian and Roman history then this trip is just for you.
We can only run this trip privately and price is depending on your times, places, guided or non guided. Its reasonable price and nice airconditioned vichles. Full day or half day is available.
Half Day Tour: 3 hours 
Xanthos: Xanthos is 20km away from Kalkan. Its located by Eşen river on the top of the 2 hills over looking to Lycian Valley. Anfi Theather, Lycian Cave Tomps,

Stone Sarcophagus are in good conditions to visit. Excavations are still going on. Xanthos has amazing history that their cultures, war life and their pride will leave you in tears.

Patara: Patara is 15km away from Kalkan and on the way to Xanthos around 8km between Xanthos and Patara ancient city. It located in a wide area. Anfi Theather, Senate Building, Stone Road, Ancient Lighthouse, Arch Aqueduct Gates is in good shape to visit. At the ancient time Patara was a estuary and its landscape allowes to use it as a natural harbour and Patara was very importand one for Lycia. Most of the Lycian trade was delivered in Patara. Even in Federation time it becomes the Capital of Lycian Federation.
There is Sydima, Pınara and Letoon is also worth going if you would like a longer day
In the hot season it can be really challenging as most sites are under the sun. 
Its private only tour.
Early hours or late afternoon is better to visit.
Suncream, Hat, Sunglasses, Water is needed
Half day tour is satisfying