Hour 10:00,11:00,14:00 15:00,16:00
Included Pictures, Videos
Extra Transfer, Drinks


Try Diving. Kalkan is one of the best place to start diving. Very easy condition. You can only spend 1 hour of your day at beach club. Very busy marine life.
Experience Diving. We have half day boat diving. 2 dives. Starting at 09:00. Enjoy the warm and cristal clear waters
Try Diving is available every half a hour starting at 10:00. We will provide all the equipment and show you how to use them. Total dive is half a hour and 20 minutes is diving and 10 minutes for feeding the fish under water. While you feeding we

will take pictures and videos. You can have your pictures online or if you have USB or sd cards you can have them. We dont print the pictures.

Experience Boat Diving is everyday as long as we have enough people and starting at 09:00 to 13:00. You must have a certificat from a major dive organisation to able dive. You will have 2 dives all equipment is available. 
Caution :
Transfer is not included. But diving area is in Kalkan Kalamar area. We can send you a Taxi or send you a Location if you would like to drive your self.
For Diving you must be able to swim.
If you have any health issue please let us know
Drinking is forbiden for diving please do not drink the same day or night before 
If you have a flight the same day diving is not possible 
Recommendations : 
Beach Bag, Better quality pictures and videos you need SD card or USB stick.